Mercury 7

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We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the way we approach the prepaid market. We love technology and we thrive on moving forward….just like the real Mercury7 crew.

WIKIPEDIA:  The Mercury Seven were the group of seven Mercury astronauts selected by NASA on April 9, 1959.
The first seven NASA astronauts were chosen,[7] each a “superb physical specimen” with an IQ above 130, and the ability to function well both as part of a team and solo.[5] Three (Grissom, Cooper, and Slayton) were Air Force pilots; three (Shepard, Carpenter, and Schirra) were Navy pilots, and one (Glenn) was a Marine Corps pilot.

tumblr_n4ngxmZzXb1rsjtoco1_500-300x2241    Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 20.49.10    NASA-Lunar-Rover-and-Tour-Bus